+ Life Thru a Window

When communities come together to find the thin line between inspiration and appropriation.

In this 4 series Webinar , Life thru a Window observes  the non-linear path involved in the non-visible creative process. Bringing in Professors, Researchers, Artist and Practicioners from various fields of Arts, we discuss the flaws in our practices , the ethics of creating and ownership, and an artist sensitivity towards interpretation of cultural artefacts. 


Dhiren A. Sadokpam
Juliana Phaomei
Sridhar Sudhir
Anna Sireiliu

Thingminao Horam
Mo Naga
Parthajit Baruah

Dr Achan Mungleng
Theyiesinuo Keditsu
Mayanglambam M 

Augustine Shimray
Mary T Kurkalung
Sparlee Gogoi