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Experience cannot be measured, so also memory. Very often, we are challenged with an overwhelming sense of losing that the need to belong to something or someone becomes a requisite to find balance in an age of indulgence. Is it a place, an object, a person, pleasure, pain, music, art - what is it that we seek for? ishi explores  belonging through an interactive game inviting oneself to leave stitches as a result of the decisions they make.

received a special invitation to the exhibition Legacy Threads︎︎︎ in Northeast India. This unique showcase explores the intricate fabric of the region's cultural legacy, intertwining oral traditions with visual documentation. Through multimedia displays, storytelling sessions, and interactive workshops, the exhibition celebrates the hidden narratives embedded in family photo collections and community archives. 

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We employed a methodology that delved into the participants' perceptions of "home" by inviting them to reflect on their personal associations and understandings of the concept. Their responses, which shaped the trajectory of the game, were left open-ended, allowing for a diverse range of interpretations and conclusions. Additionally, participants were encouraged to exercise agency in determining the outcome of the game, fostering a deeper engagement with the themes of community and life's challenges as reflected in our everyday experiences. 


Furthermore, Integrating a wildcard element, enabled the participants to introduce their own inquiries, thereby enriching the dialogue and exploration within this dynamic and ever-evolving framework.

If a friend were to visit you, what culinary delight would you prepare for them?

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The Northeast India AV Archive, established in 2019, preserves fading memories and legacies through audiovisual materials. Through film festivals and exhibitions, it promotes awareness of archival significance in preserving tradition and culture. It ensures a holistic user experience, both online and offline.